Wireless Baby Monitor

100 - 330 ft. Now here's something to seriously consider - our Angel Cam with pan and tilt functions! The Angel Cam is Color which offers 380 TV lines of resolution, and includes the ability to see in the dark via it's built-in Infrared LEDs. Yes, not only will it automatically adjust to light changes, but when the lights are out and the baby's sleeping, the Angel Cam will see up to 15 ft. in complete darkness! And with a built-in microphone for listening in at the cameras location, you won't miss a thing. Another handy function is the ability to remotely control your camera position by panning/pointing it up or down (60 degrees either way) or left and right (up to 180 degrees) so you can get the shot you desire, any time you need to from anywhere within transmission range - which just so happens to be approximately 330 ft. line of sight or 100 ft. through walls and obstructions. It also includes an automatic Pan feature. Simply press "Auto" on your monitor and the camera will begin scanning the room until you tell it to stop!

However we believe the best and most widely used feature which you'll certainly use over and over again is the handheld Monitor's portable capability! Either plug the TV Monitor into a wall outlet with the included power supply or pop four AAA batteries into the back of the LCD monitor and carry it with you. Tired of carrying it? Simply pull out the TV stand located on the back of the unit and set it down. Even better, plug the Monitor into any RCA jack on any TV and watch and listen from the larger TV instead! Pretty cool, eh? Folks, setup is a breeze and its use is even simpler. Give it a try. We believe it's one of the best baby monitors you can find!

Includes One Wireless 2.4 GHz Color 'Angel Cam' with Pan, Tilt, Audio and Infrared, built-in Transmitter, AC power adapter, one Wireless 2.4 GHz 2.5" Color LCD Monitor with Pan, Tilt functions and built-in receiver, power supply, RCA cabling for any TV or Monitor hook-up, and one set of Head phones.

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