The Smart Antenna, Provided by TFT, is a highly accurate and innovative tracking device designed for use in "covert" and normal installation situations. The unit's one-piece, molded construction virtually eliminates tampering. There are no harness or antenna connections that can be easily unscrewed. The device - approximately the size of a credit card - can be easily installed and hidden under the dash. The unit simply requires a power, ground and engine switched power connection to complete the install. The Smart Antenna is easily affixed to the underside of the dash or other secure areas of the vehicle.

SmartAntenna is remotely updatable and configurable via UDP and SMS. Mileage calculations are performed every few seconds and the accumulated mileage transmitted with each track to reduce the "as the crow fly's" effect that causes significant inaccuracies in other systems.

In addition, SmartAntenna is constantly evaluating GPS data to Eliminate the canyon effect caused in big cities. SmartAntenna supports I/O and can be outfitted with a serial cable making it the perfect companion for devices that have no ability to communicate wirelessly and need GPS locations to incorporate into data collection applications.

SmartAntenna is only sold through registered TFT dealers selling the TFT Software.

The Falcom Stepp II is a Plug & Play GSM/GPRS/GPS terminal with an embedded configurable software application.

The device was conceived to target a mobile client in a wide range of high volume, low-cost, flexible system solutions like fleet management, vehicle security, recovery and other related areas.

The tracking functionality of the embedded mobile client application is combined with a variety of alert messaging capabilities. The configurable alert messages contain current position and status report and use 4 digital and 2 analogue inputs as hardware backbone. In addition to that two predefined digital inputs are detecting ignition line and main power (car battery) failure.

The Net-960WinCE family is based on an innovative product architecture, supporting versatile functional requirements.

The products provide a modern, friendly development environment, featuring the best cost/performance value in the industry.

The automotive grade Net-960WinCE family offers varied solutions, ranging from the basic two-way messaging terminals, to fully integrated platforms with built-in GPS, GPRS, on-board Bluetooth, Wi-FI, and connectivity support of I/Os and multiple external devices, including printers, keyboards, Dallas ID, Magnetic Swipe, Audio, 3rd party color screen, etc.

Uses for these and other applications include barcode scanning, signature capture, inventory/dispatch tracking, RFID tracking, and integration with hand held devices.

We have the expertise and industry experience to devise a practical, reliable and affordable solution for any AVL/wireless based need.

Track light was designed to solve the recurring problem of utilizing a covert, yet easy to install device for use in trailer or other asset tracking. Its patented design fits all of the components of a state-of-the-art GPS tracking device inside the enclosure of a DOT approved light. This device utilizes UDP data transfer technology to deliver real-time location data. Our GPS Fleet Management platform allows the user access to a complete list of reports, sensors and alerts - in near real-time.

Track light is easily installed by simply removing the existing fixture and inserting the device.

The unit has a rechargeable back-up battery that will operate for 45 days without a charge. The unit automatically recharges upon reconnection with a tractor and shifts to an electric power mode. When the trailer is detached, the unit will power down. When re-attached and movement begins the patented mechanical motion sensor will re-power the unit for accurate, near real-time tracking.

Utilization of existing GPRS carriers enables seamless coverage with an extremely wide footprint throughout the United States and Canada.

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